News Max FAQs

Movie Max and News Max are almost same. The only difference is that News Max supports 4 Video inputs that can be used in studio setup like PIP and Chroma for each layer. Movie Max supports only 1 Live input
News Max Pro uses BlackMagic Decklink series of cards that give 10 Bit video which is very good quality used in professional broadcast of Standard Definition. You don't get that quality with Graphic cards. News Max 3 gives output in Graphic Cards.
We give the News Max software as a download link or on DVD that you install on a computer. We also give the USB dongle for software security.
Yes. You must have a i5 or i7 based computer with at least 8 GB RAM.
Yes. Video Max gives output in SD (PAL or NTSC) format. This will go to your encoder which MUST be a SD Encoder. You cannot give the output to a HD Encoder
Yes. As long as you get the Video Inputs (check card compatibility with Windows) you can use any combination of cards.
Yes. You can see a preview of each Live input so you can select what goes to your network.
You pay for the software once in a lifetime. However if your dongle breaks or is lost then you will be charged for replacement. As long as you have the dongle in good condition you can run the software forever. AMC for online support is optional after 1 year. You may or may not take it if you don't want us to support via Team Viewer.

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