If you are looking for a software that will enable you to start REAL VIDEO ON DEMAND STREAMING service on your LAN network, you are at the right place! VDOMAX is one of world's first successful endeavor to start Real Video On Demand onto the desktops of computers connected to LAN-based Internet Networks. VDOMAX does what the RVOD servers and equipments do WITHOUT the high cost involved in them. With VDOMAX, you will be ready to start Pay-Per-View service, 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a year! All you need is to install VDOMAX Server on one of your LAN Computer and make it your VOD Server. Your customers will install VDOMAX Player on their computers and log into your VOD Server! Its that simple!
The difference between Real Video On Demand (RVOD) and Near Video On Demand (NVOD) is that in RVOD, the user or the viewer gets an exclusive stream of video onto his desktop. He is in total control of the video Stream. NVOD can be of many types. In one case a customers selects a song or video or movie of his choice and it plays FOR ALL on the TV channel. In such a case the commands to the Video server are sent through the set top boxes or telephone lines (See Video PlayStation). In NVOD, the viewer does not have any control on the video that is being played. He is just a viewer. But in case of RVOD, he can pause the video, Rewind or Forward it as per his choice. Since no one else is watching that stream, no one is disturbed by his actions. VDOMAX gives a RVOD solution to you.

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