RequesTV Pro - For Decklink Cards

Latest Playout Engine and Android App Selection!
RequesTV has always been the most sought after Dial and Select software since 1999. After RequesTV 2 this version has the following New Additional features added... This software plays the channel through Blackmagic Intensity Pro or Decklink Studio cards

  • Gapless playout - No black frames between videos
  • Monitoring Window! - See what's running on the network in a small window on your monitor!
  • Semi Transparent scrolls - Set scroll transparency from 0-255 with video in the background.
  • Watermark Logo with Alpha value 0-255 and Realtime channel monitoring with graphics on the first window.
  • Video Compression like Neo Sports Channel
  • Supports almost all video formats like MKV MP4 MOV Etc!
  • Video Based logos - set different logos for different videos!
  • One Click entry for all videos in a folder and Magic Bars hide Company logos on Videos.
  • Supports Blackmagic Intensity Pro or Decklink Studio or SDI Tv-out cards
Hardware Requirements
Following is the minimum configuration required to run Request TV:
  • Processor : Core i7 or better
  • Motherboard : Gigabyte. Please check the availability of slots for PCI, PCI Express
  • Memory RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • Hard Disk Drive : 1 TB
  • Render Card (Any One):
    • BlackMagic Intensity Pro for Composite Video
    • BlackMagic Decklink Studio for Composite Video + SDI Video
    • BlackMagic Mini Monitor for SDI Video
  • For Android App Selection : Normal Internet Connection