Channel Monitor

Channel Monitoring was never this simple!!!
Channel Monitor is the best monitoring tool for TV Headends for monitoring the Audio and Video Signal of the channels they offer...
Plug in you Composite Inputs and audio Inputs into our Channel Monitor Box (Full System provided by us) and your are ready to monitor the video at 25 fps and audio in VU Meter.
Channel Monitor is available in 4 or 16 output options.

  • View 4 / 16 Channels at a time!
  • All channels play at 25 frames per second
  • Monitor Audio Levels through the Vu Meter
  • Supports Video+Audio Capture cards
  • Easy Plug and Play Software
  • Use PC when the software is running
  • Can be played on extended Desktop for Large LCD / LED TV
  • Displays Caption for each input
  • Easy Settings
  • First such software Made In India
  • Buy with or without Multiple Input Cards
  • Available at Attractive Introductory Price!
Hardware Requirements
Following is the minimum configuration required to run Channel Monitor:
  • Processor : Core i5 or better
  • Motherboard : Gigabyte. Please check the availability of slots for PCI, PCI Express
  • Memory RAM: 4 GB DDR3
  • Hard Disk Drive : 500 GB
  • Video Card : ATI chipset PCI Express card with minimum 256 MB of Video Memory and TV-Out. X1050, X1550, ATI4650 are recommended. Please check the Composite TV out connector before buying the card.
  • 4 Video Input Cards - DX4
Trinity will provide the full system with Audio and Video Capture Cards as per requirements.